The next time you’re thinking of visiting this one particular restaurant in Pineland, Florida then you should probably bring your dollar bills. Aaaaand, it’s not what you’re thinking, just to be clear. This unusual yet delightful restaurant uses dollar bills as decor taped to the walls and ceilings, which makes for a surprisingly fun way to dine in Florida.

Cabbage Key Inn Restaurant is one of the coolest, and possibly strangest restaurants you’ll ever come across in Florida.

Located in the Old House on the property, this open-air restaurant serves three meals a day—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—365 days a year.

With the main room being the most popular room of the entire restaurant, you may see live Cuban laurels with dripping moss nearby.

Cuban laurels with dripping moss

But if there is one piece of decor that your eye will certainly find, it’s the thousands of one-dollar bills taped to every surface of the room.

Thousands of one-dollar bills taped on walls with mounted tarpon

While Cabbage Key has been known by the locals as “the bar with all the money on the walls” many visitors are shocked to find just how many dollar bills have been taped up.

dollars bills hang from the ceiling of cabbage key

If you want to add your own, just ask your server for a black marker and tape your own up with the rest.

close up of autographed dollar bills on taped to beam

Just picture it—a bar and restaurant serving boaters for over 60 years—that’s a lot of singles to be added.

many, many dollar bills taped to ceiling and walls

While the decor and ambiance are certainly worth a visit, the tasty, fresh seafood options too, are worth planning a trip.

fresh seafood plate on table at cabbage key

Plus it doesn’t hurt that the views while you dine are as outstanding as ever.

views of the water while dining outdoors

Plan a trip to Cabbage Key Inn Restaurant and make sure to add a couple of singles to your wallet before you go.

serene view of docked boats at at cabbage key

Where: Intercoastal Channel Marker 60, Pineland, FL 33945

Hours of Operation: Open varied hours for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

To learn more about the service hours, as well as how to make a reservation for dinner, visit the website.

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